Old Poems(which I wrote in 2010)

  Poem Title: Melody’s Memories

Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @Jack Sebol

Shall I compare you to this melody
And every string strummed to reframe our memories?
Each pieces shape the pieces we had shared
But too fast a moment for me to weave
Sometimes my fingers run almost rush
And made your lovely smile almost lost
And each refrain to replay the dawn of crush
Often denied by the sorrows that haunt my heart
Sadful to bear our romance slowly fades
As I dread to hear of only one string left
But resonance returns in this lonely shade
As I rephrase the dearest words you had left
So long as you still hear this heartfelt reach
And so long live still, I’ll live to last this will

 Poem Title: Greatest Tales

Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

I want to love you like this world’s meant for you,
Will it take my whole being to start my woo?
I want to be owned by you, I am meant for you,
I dread to think if this is a goo to you

Could not you wait for me years ago,
This fought hard ache of mine I can’t forego,
Could thoughts be it that I should let go,
As taught to me life’s lessons’ blow

I want to believe this love will shine,
That you and I will one day dine,
I’m trying to read between the lines,
Oh baby dear won’t you be mine?

I’m reminded of when I was a kid,
Reprimanded then was out of wit,
This love of mine’s your holy writ,
When you are mine, a lifelong treat

To me this world is meant for us,
Our very reign we must rehearse,
We’ll fight onward all forms of curse,
Our greatest tales to ever burst

Poem Title: Love Grows
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

Where there’s no pain
For active life to brim,
Love wanes,
and faith grows dim

Where there’s no change,
For rainbow out of rain,
Love be strange,
And life ceases to acquaint

Where friends don’t speak,
For the lifelong shows,
Love is weak,
And smiles stop to show

Where trust is meek,
And doubts overflow,
Love is sick,
And romance stops to glow

Where God is questioned,
And faith is broken,
Love is a burden,
And magic’s never awaken

So long as you have love,
And life strive still,
And so long as you pray to the above,
God will will

Poem Title: Dawn of Forever
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

Death may bring Me to remembrance
Breath will bring Me resemblance
To behold once more Your countenance
To bask once again in Your radiance

You are the Dawn I seek from eternity past
You are the Conclusion I speak not for the last
Remembering You I won’t say Your name fast
I’ll savour the taste of Love that forever lasts

Death is the separation of You and Me
Life will be the reunion of Our Destiny
To protect You and behold Your Light so dearly
Renouncing the lies and rewrite Our stories happily

Poem Title: Am I the one
Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

Sometimes you’re riding a bike
You are cutting really fast through
what happens when a girl you really like
barely replies the messages sent by you

Should I go on should I try
Should I give up and forfeit the fight
I want her to be my existential why
My greatest strength to find the light

Should I confess this heart to rhyme
Should I profess this love be mine
But if she only never replies
I guess it’s only best to say goodbye

She’s the girl I really love
She’s the one I have so long searched
Won’t you girl be my only love
Won’t your soul and my soul merge

Give some signs tell a word
Ones that are clear as skies of Earth
Say my name give your word
I’m the one no one else on Earth

What should I do for us to rehearse
What should I do for us to converse
Tell me I’m the one you’d choose
That I’m the one in this universe

Poem Title: A Half for the End

Author: Stanley Zack bin Sebol @ Jack Sebol

This one’s fading,
The other will stay still,
This one’s weakening,
The other will stay stiff,
Losing this one,
Keeping the other one,
Some memories with you will be burnt down,
But the rest of it will keep my smiles all around.

This one’s fading,
Hoping for a new beginning,
Listening for new awakening,
Looking the next meeting
Where I was once in love in rhythm waltzed with symphony,
Imagining the thrill to sing a rhapsody,
Then a light glimpse dragged me to thee,
And whatsoever I did, maybe it’s now ended to Z.

Backing off now I feel to lend this heart,
to Jesus for the next fresh start,
And if should we remain apart,
I’ll cry not cus at least I did touch your heart
Then mom would say “don’t make it hard”,
and dad would say “or I’ll kick your butts”,
This was searching for the romance of heart,
not yet maybe I gotta learn more songs of hearts.

Mom and dad’ll be there,
and so my lil and big bros too,
counting my Meow Meow too, why not my brave hound too?
I’ll take my friends too, taking those strangers too,
and strum the strings with loops, may you wanna come too?

A promise made is something to be kept,
If time has made you to forget I’ll still have it kept,
There’s a limit for the horizons,
Thought it would go on but I’m stranded on each islands,
Each spring of each nature taught one thing or two,
It spiced up the memories of you,
You are there, I am here,
And I shouldn’t wonder whether these you hear.

I wondered if there’s a life ahead,
That transcends death, ever for breath
While things took me beyond finality,
And each puzzle not summing up but just part of another picture,
These conflicts on explanatory serve raptures,
Those temptations of dictionary verse treasure,
Mingling within hypocrisy of believing,
Not knowing if it’s calling,
But He didn’t let me go, He made the softest way to me,
And that sweetest way was you.

So I would write another story,
Like me unto you,
Like the past I was for you,
We’ll be in fairy tales,
Analogising His love so true,
Weaving through the meanings of friendship.
As we both defied all romantic,
But I didn’t actually,
For my romantic was you.

Did I declare on those fronts from these flanks?
Did I submit what I’m longing for to some pranks?
Did i forget to realise He chose you to build strong foundations for His sake,
All to be built within me?
And I apologise now,
If should I let go of eternity?

Nothing is deader than the past,
Nothing is livelier than the present,
I wanted a beautiful future that forever lasts,
I searched through and through you were my reason
The gift of every day makes us learn,
You and me in Him is what I yearn,
Come to me heal all of my wounds,
I long to be forever loved as firm.

As if it got me again,
i don’t call it bad,
It’s an obvious thing to say,
You’re the romance I never had,
Cause you got me in a corner,
Where I didn’t think eternity was true,
And He used you to cross the border,
To tell me it’s true.

If the past is dead, so so are you,
If the past’s gone fade, then so are you,
But you live still, in this jest,
Cause I remember the thrills I’d felt,
Weren’t just romance to melt.

It seems that it’s you.
But it’s just another you,
Your essence of character in me,
To guide me to the Truth,
The love you’d stirred,
The companionship you gave,
The melodies you sang,
The memories you etched,
I see you clear, you are near.

Goodbye all bad things,
All the formers that reasoned me to be stronger,
Goodbye history,
You’re just a story for me to be better,
Old days are old, new days are new,
If old story has gone, then one should write anew
Old days are old, new days are new,
If you think it was true, then feel free to come back so that we can start anew

So I’m gonna push the “Pause” button with these:
A promise made is something to be kept,
If time has made you to forget I’ll still have it kept,
A promise made,
A friendship we shared,
Before time makes me to forget,
I’ll write down the fairy tale we’ve shared.
You’ve made me a promise,
If you want to turn back then go,
I’ve made you a promise,
If LORD wills it, I will never let go.


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