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Don't Give In To Sorrow

  My advice to people in relationship. The reason why the love of God must be supreme is so that when we lose all hope and joy, we can still keep going. Surround yourself with people who genuinely care about you. Do not give a hundred percent to anyone you are courting, unless you are married to that person. Love hurts, time heals. Never give in to sorrow. Always look for a better tomorrow. Even though the one you love doesn't reciprocate your romance anymore, that doesn't mean you should terminate everything life has t o offer. Each hurdles refine our stumbles.  Each scar lets us reach out to a star. Be strong, and no matter how long, you will d efinitely finds what and who you long. Nothing wrong with being depressed, when you are, just take a rest. You know, sleep long, relax with chips watching Netflix, do something different that excites you, anything that can neutralise your heartache. Remember, even married couple divorce, so why go extra miles in courtship. Fairy Tales

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